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Samabe Bali Suites and Villas


Tri Hita Karana is a Balinese philosophy about living in harmony with god, people, and nature. At Samabe Bali Suites and Villas, we are committed to balancing environmental care, positive community relationships, and respect for nature. We follow this philosophy to create a positive impact on the environment and our local community.
Below are some sustainability measures and initiatives that have been implemented at our property:

Our Initiatives

Waste Reduction

  • Elimination of single use plastics including water bottles, straws, food packaging, shower amenities, and minibar items.
  • Organic waste diversion program in place, including off site composting through partnership with Tanjung Mas and food waste donations to local farmers as animal feed.
  • A dedicated area and program for Green waste composting on site is in place.
  • Used cooking oil is recycled into biodiesel through partnership with Delta Hijau Dewata.
  • Recycling with a local vendor in place for cardboard, glass, plastic, and wood plus. Our Engineering Team recycles wood, metal for other projects in-house.

Environmental Programs:

  • Electric vehicle charging stations available nearby.
  • Bicycles available for guest use.
  • Linen and towels replaced every 3rd day, unless otherwise requested.


  • Greywater treatment plant for recycling water for watering our landscape and gardens.
  • Rainwater harvesting measures in place to capture rainwater in tanks.
  • Energi-saving LED lighting implemented on the property and motion sensors in some back-of-house areas.

Sustainable Food and Beverage

  • Food waste reduction in place.
  • Vegan menus are available on request.
  • Locally sourced seafood.
  • Herb and vegetable garden on site.
  • Fruit and vegetables are sourced from local farmers and delivered fresh daily.
  • Guests can fish with local fishermen and have their catch cooked on the property for lunch/dinner.


  • Support the local Sawangan community through dance performances on the property consisting of talent from the local village.
  • Monthly beach cleanup by the Samabe team and yearly support for the Sawangan community area.
  • Guests can join in local cycle tours to visit village houses, historical sites, heritage monuments, and the village and see how locals live.
  • Samabe supports an old age home and an orphanage with food donations and other activities.


  • Eco-certified products are preferred and used.
  • Balinese and local area crafted products sourced as a priority to support the locals.
  • Resort wet amenities are sourced from Bali.
  • Single use plastic bags are stopped from our suppliers for the delivery of goods.
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