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Cultural Activities

Samabe Bali Suites & Villas

The uniqueness of Balinese culture has attracted curiosity of the travelers toward this Island of Gods. To facilitate the guests to learn deeper about the appeal of Bali, Samabe Bali Suites & Villas provides cultural activities such as Balinese Offering Lesson and other interactive things to do.

Jamu Making Class

Get to know about Indonesian Traditional Herbal Medicine "Jamu". Jamu is herbal medicine made from natural ingredients such as herbs, roots, bark, flowers, seeds, leaves, and fruit. Led by our expert Jamu maker, you'll get the secret tips and learn how to create the perfect blends for your own.
Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Duration: 30 minutes
Meeting Point: Wantilan
Day: Daily
Time: 14.00 hour
Complimentary for Limited and Unlimited Guest

Balinese Dance Lesson

The delicate gestures performed by Balinese dancers epitomize charm of Bali. Every movement has an interesting meaning and every dance has its own story. The dance lesson will show you how to dance like the traditional dancers.

Duration: 60 minutes
Meeting Point: Fitness Center
Day: Saturday
Time: 16.00 hour
Additional: Charge applies

Charge applied for private lesson IDR 450.000 nett/2pax/60 minute (child start from 7 years old)

Balinese Cultural Lesson

Bali is full of mystery to be revealed. Know more about the culture of the island and learn how to make cultural decoration like the skilled artist.

Duration: 60 minutes
Meeting Point: Wantilan
Days: Tuesday and Thursday
Time: 11.00 hour

Balinese Cooking Lesson

Balinese food presents distinct taste with special spices. In Balinese Cooking Lesson, the chef will share the recipe and procedure how to cook authentic dishes. The kitchen for this activity is designed with Balinese touch.

Duration: 90 minutes
Meeting Point: Wantilan
Days (adult): Monday to Saturday
Time: 12.00 noon
Additional: Charge applied for private lesson

Balinese Offering Lesson

Balinese people always give the best to God that can be viewed from the offering they made. It is made with specific folding technique, and the people, have rules about what should be included in the offering.

Duration: 60 minutes
Meeting Point: Wantilan
Days: Wednesday and Saturaday
Time: 14.00 hour

Balinese Wood Carving Lesson

Wood carving is one of the special arts in Bali found almost on every corner of the island. The furniture or wooden statues made there is identified with its details. Our wood carver will show how to use chisel and knife to create a high-quality art.

Duration: 60 minutes
Meeting Point: Wantilan
Days: Tuesday and Friday
Time: 14.00 hour

Balinese Costume Picture Taking

For those who love to have pictures in Balinese costume as a remembrance, Samabe Bali Suites & Villas provide them what they need. The butler will assist them to dress up, and this luxury Bali resort provides photographer to take the pictures in the resort area. 24-hour in advance reservation is needed.
Price starts from US$85/adult and US$55/child for children below 12 years.

Duration: 90 minutes
Meeting Point: Wantilan
Days: Monday to Saturday
Time: 12.00 hour
Additional: Charge applied for Limited Privilege
Reservation Needs

Fruit Carving Lesson

Fruit carving lesson offers the fun of shaping the fruits and vegetables into something else. Our house artist will guide our guests in engraving the apples, papayas, or watermelon.

Duration: About 60 minutes
Meeting Point: Wantilan
Days: Tuesday and Thursday
Time: 09.00 hour
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