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Samabe activities

Facilities & Activities

Cooking Class

We believe that one of the best souvenirs to take home from a holiday to an exotic destination is to bring back some of its culture, something you have learnt and can recreate for your own enjoyment as well as enjoyment of other people in your world, may they be your family or friends. At Samabe you will have an opportunity to learn how to prepare some of the authentic local cuisine. It will be fun to serve your friends few traditional Balinese dishes at a dinner party back home.

Balinese Cooking Classes are held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11:15 am at Samabe's Wantilan kitchen, near the lobby area facing the pond. Led by an experienced chef, a 90-minutes class is designed for anywhere between two and eight people. The ingredients are prepared prior to class by our kitchen staff and Samabe supplies all the necessary utensils, aprons and menus.

You will learn some simple dishes familiar to most Balinese people, such as Balinese style peanut sauce, sweet tamarind chili sauce, Nasi Goreng (fried rice), minced fish, Balinese satay and others. The chef will explain how the locals prepare the food and will lead the guests through every step of the cooking process. No matter what your cooking skills are, instructions are straightforward, making it easy to create these authentic Balinese dishes. Then after the cooking process is done, you will take off the apron and enjoy the special lunch you had prepared.