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Book direct at www.samabe.com and get the best hotel deals:
  • Get 10% difference from other online channels' rate
  • Complimentary luxury return airport transfer with minimum 5 nights stay
Samabe guarantee you will always get better value, better rates and better stay when you reserve one of our luxury Suites or Villa through the website and that you will not find a lower rate anywhere else. If you do then we will match the rate and also add an extra 10% discount for the same type of accommodation.
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What is Unlimited Privileges?
It is an All Inclusive Package

Is it possible to have one-day experience for the All Inclusive Package during my stay?
The All Inclusive package must be booked with minimum 2 consecutive nights

For example, my check-in date will be on 25th June and check-out will be on 28th June. For the one-day All Inclusive could it be arrange in the whole day of 27th June?
Minimum must be 2 nights, single night within a 3 or more nights stay are not permitted

Can I split my All Inclusive nights? Lets say one day on 25th and another day on 28th?
No split stay is allowed.
For example, 1st day Limited Privilege, 2nd day Unlimited Privilege then 3rd day back to Limited Privilege is not allowed.

When is the valid time for All Inclusive Packages?
All Inclusive packages is valid from check in to check out, from after breakfast until breakfast on the next day.

Can I book All Inclusive Packages after arrival or on the next day?

Can I pre-book some of the activities?

Can I have 2 activities on the same day without taking on the next day?
Yes we allow accumulation of the activity

Can I transfer my activity to my wife, partner or friend?

Can I use the same activity each day? For example, daily 60 minutes massage.

What is included in Samabe Signature Activity?

“Daily One Samabe Signature Activity of Your Choice”, is that for two persons or one person per day?
Per person per day, there is a limitation for children.

How to book the Signature Activities, as some of them require advance booking?
It can be in advance, on arrival or day by day. However, if you would prefer to book day by day you might experience some activities are already fully booked.

What water sports are included?
Catamaran, Kayak, Windsurfing, Snorkeling

Is non-motorized water sport the only inclusion of All Inclusive Packages?

If I stay 3 nights 4 days, will I get 4 times Samabe Signature Activity?
No, 3 nights means entitle 3x activities (1 Night stay apply for 1 time activity)

Does transfer include in the All Inclusive Package?
Yes with minimum 5 nights stay and book direct with us at www.samabe.com

As my daughter is 2 years old, is here meal also covered in the All Inclusive Packages?
Yes at no charge with limited activity.

Can I book 3 nights on All Inclusive Packages out of the 6 nights?
Yes you can, as long as the 3 nights are consecutive

As my daughter is 4 years old (and above), is her meal also covered in the All Inclusive packages?
Yes extra charge 50% from adult price is applied with limited activity

The website mention ‘Cocktail Hour’ between 17.00 hour and midnight, if my husband want a beer or other alcoholic drink with his lunch or at time outside 17.00 hour – midnight, would it be included?
No alcoholic beverages are included before 17.00 hour but can be purchased at extra charge

What time is the alcohol drink available?
Starting from 17.00 hour until midnight (Free flow alcohol drink for 7 hours every day)
4 cans of local beer are included and provided in your mini bar, which will be replenished once per day.

What time is the drink (juice or soft drink) available?
From any open restaurant, bar or mini bar
4 cans of local beer are included and provided in your mini bar, which will be replenished once per day

How many beverages can I have within the All Inclusive Packages?
No limitation as long as you the last drink before ordering the next drink

How many foods can I have within the All Inclusive Packages?
You can order as many as you like, however your first order is limited to appetizer, main course and dessert
You can order the food as many as you like at any time, however there is still a rule, where you need to finish your food and you may order whatever and whenever you like, from any menu or restaurants.

May I have the list of alcoholic beverages inclusion in the All Inclusive Packages?
Yes, we can send the list with our pleasure

What time can I order the food?
Room service 24 hours
Rempah – Rempah Restaurant 07.00 to 23.00 hours
Cyrstal Blue Restaurant 11.00 to 22.00 hours

Can I dine in any of the restaurants?
Sure, the choice is yours

I would like to know, whether the All Inclusive means breakfast, lunch and dinner are included?
Yes you can eat at any time

Do you provide vegan meals?
Vegetarian options are available in all restaurants and special request can be made with our team without any problems

Is the premium liquor included?
Very limited selection only

Is wine served with dinner?
Yes, red, white and rose by glass (Local wine)

Does the room service include in the All Inclusive Packages?
Yes 24 hours

Do you have any late night dining (Supper)?
Yes, 24 hours room service